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 Betreff des Beitrags: The Issue with the defect Harbours and the consequences...
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Ahoy dear Fleetmembers,

The Fleet Council of the Deutsche Flottenbundes (DFB) would like to apologize for the inconveniences
of several Fleet-Founding and the low number of Harbourattacks and -defends at this Point. The Reasons are not in personnel or organizational deficits within the Fleet. The reasons lie solely in the deficient software of Navyfield, the insufficient development in terms of troubleshooting and in the almost non-existent care of the players by NFNA.

Following you will find a chronology of the events.

Part 1:

Everything started with a simple update of NFNA. On Tuesday 09 of May 2017 the Game Server was moved from the West- to the East Coast. Why this was necessary, nobody remember. But the consequences of this were well known...

One Day before, on Monday 08. May 2017, five Fleets declare in the usual way their attacks on different Harbours. One of them was the DFB.Oon the following Tuesday while the Move of the Game Server take place, everything Looks fine and nobody noticed, what's happened. On the following Saturday (14.May 2017), as the Attacks should take place, nothing happened. No fleet was technically able to drive their planned Harbourattacks (HA). Also all Trials to abort the unworkable HAs where denied by the System due to an incorrect Password. This resulted in correspondingly strained reactions to NFNA.

On following Monday (16.May 2017) some Fleets wants to declare attacks on different Harbours as usual. One of this fleet was DFB. But all Fleets, which had to suffer under the technically malfunction the week before; surprisingly found that they already declared an attack (the same Attack, which could not be executed the week before). More than one HA a week is systemic not possible, so all concerned fleets where not able to drive a HA anymore. Of cause these attacks could not be aborted even when the Passwords are to 100% correct. But affected were only the five Fleets, which declared Attacks during the Server Move. All other fleets were not concerned. If one of thee fleets - as the DFB - owns a Harbour and had to defend it, there where no Problems with it.

These technically Defects resulted in an intensive mail traffic between the five fleets an NFNA in the following two weeks. While all the Mails in this issue where not answered, NFNA announced at begin of June 2017, that the defect will be repaired. But the appointment passed without any Change. Afterwards, in personal conversation we were told that NFNA tried to delete the Attacks out of the System and failed.

Two of the affected Fleets tried to dissolve their Fleets and found out, that this was technically not possible. Fleets cannot be dissolved during a declared Attack. Before that they have do drive their HA or about it...

NFNA made an announcement in the official Forum. They ask all affected Fleet the get in touch with on the one Hand and to describe the technically defect very precicely on the other Hand. All effecet Fleets do so.

NFNA assured that they are working on a solution to this Issue. In the meantime NFNA transferred the Game Server Back to the West Coast without any affect...

Some of the affected fleets meet the Problem by pulling out all members out of their fleet and founded a new fleet with the same Name (or a different Name) and rebuilt it. For this they need a new Leading Account (FLA) with a new Radio man. So all fleets lose their existing FLA and all the Money in the fleet, because NFNA disabled all trade functions on 17.May 2017. If the FLA was not a neutral account but an active Player, this Player could not take part on his fleetactions and was almost kicked out of the fleet.

NFNA Announced, that all Harbours will be reset to Default on 05.July 2017. It should be noted, that not all fleets agree with the announced solution. One Fleet (not DFB) took the view, that all the credits, Points should be reimbursed. All requests in this case were ignored by NFNA. On 05. July 2017 NFNA tried again to solve the Problem, but once more nothing happened. It is suspected, that Harbours with running Attacks could not be reset to Default cause of the running attacks, which could not be aborted...

After that the remaining affected fleets decided to take the alternative solution by transferring all Member into a new created fleet under a new FLA. The DFB did so. It should be noticed, that NFNA contemplate at any time supports for the affected fleets for example by presenting them a new Radio officer or disabling the fleet penalties.

Between 24.July and 18.August all Members from DFB where transferred as good as possible to the the new installed FLA.

Part 2:

In the Early August 2017 NFNA starts a new trial to solve the Problem, which failed again. NFNA admitted in a public Statement that the defects on the one Hand are very heavy. On the other Hand these Problems exists since the start of Navyfield an requires a complete redesign of the software. NFNA did not solve Problems in the programming of the game in the last 10 years but somehow bypassed or simply ignored them. That's the reason, why NFNA had to face these Kind of massive Problems.

NFNA Announced, that at the beginning of September all Fleets and Squads will be drained and after that all Harbours will be reset to Default. This Action was announced with a lot of time for the fleet to manage different things for example draining the fleet fund. Again it should be noticed, that not all fleets (not the DFB) agree with this Action, because they have large investments done to their Harbour. All requests concerning this Questions where ignored by NFNA.

DFB was prepared for this and was able to set up the new fleet at the same day (2.September 2017).

Part 3:

On 14.September 2017 NFNA transferred again his Game Server from west- to East Coast an installed the same Defect into the Game. Once Again the fleet, which have been affected by this issue in May this Year had to face the same Problems. No Attack on a Harbour could be declared because of still running attacks (the Attacks from May). Of cause this Attacks could not be aborted or whatever...

NFAN did not answer any Mail concerning the technical issue. At the Moment they only care about a stabile Server and do not care about the Problem the Player and the community had with the Software.

DFB was forced once again by the technically shortcomings from NFNA to found the fleet again under using a new FLA and to Transfer again all Member.

Since October 2017 we are now able to have Attacks and Defends in the normal way and we hope, not hav a 4.Part of this Story...

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