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Autor: The Oktopus [ 5. Mai 2014 15:58 ]
Betreff des Beitrags: Welcome to our Homepage

Ahoy and welcome to our Homepage,


the German fleet Federation is an association of former NFEU fleets on the NFNA server. Together we'll indulge our Hobby: Navyfield! Since January 2014 we play together under an unified force banner. All other players are welcome to join our fleet Federation.

Our Teamspeak Server:

We are lookimg forward to your visit to our TeamSpeak server. If you would like to join our fleet, please register in advance and then use an application form.

Please remember: Most of us are Germany native Speakers. Only some of us are able to converse at an advanced level in English. For futher Details please talk to Rescue663, Lord_N_EU or The_Oktopus.

Have fun with Navyfield

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