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Autor: The Oktopus [ 5. Mai 2014 15:58 ]
Betreff des Beitrags: Welcome to our Homepage

Ahoy and welcome to our Homepage,


the German fleet Federation is an association of former NFEU fleets on the NFNA server. Together we'll indulge our Hobby: Navyfield! Since January 2014 we play together under an unified force banner. All other players are welcome to join our fleet Federation.

Our Teamspeak Server:

We are lookimg forward to your visit to our TeamSpeak server. If you would like to join our fleet, please register in advance and then use an application form.

Please remember: Most of us are Germany native Speakers. Only some of us are able to converse at an advanced level in English. For futher Details please talk to Nipper, MaVeR or JohnWSheppard.

Have fun with Navyfield

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