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You chose to become a Member of the German fleet Federation (DFB). Before you write your application, please read carefully the text below and please answer our questions on the form.

The German Fleet Federation consists of several of the older fleets of the European servers Bismarck, Hood, Vanguard, Yamato and Europe (NFEU). We were up to their final closure on 31.10.2013 active there. Since the announcement of the closure of NFEU server end of July 2013, we are also changed to the NFNA server.

We assume that you have read our rules, and thus are in agreement before you decided to write an application. We place great emphasis on a proper and fair play in the game, as well as an active participation in the life of the fleet community.

CAUTION: You have to register first, before you can post your application!

Your application should include the following information from you:

==== Application Form ====

1. What is your (real name) & more accurate in-game Name and how old are you?
2. Where do you live, what timezoe is it?
3. When did you start playing NF?
4. What is your highest BO and what nation?
5. What do you prefer to play (Battleship, Aircraft Carrier, Sub)?
6. Do you share your account information with anyone else?
7. How often do you Play?
8. Do you see yourself taking any breaks from the game in the future?
9. How Long do you intent to Play NF and what is your Goal in the game (for example, reach a specific Ship)
10. Have you ever been in a Fleet (list them all). If so - why you are quitting there?
11. Do you know someone in the fleet?
12. Why do you want to join the german fleet federation?

One of our main activities are Harbourassaults and -defenses.

13. What harbors work best for you, which not?
14. What HA / HD you could not participate in general?
15. Have you already had experiences with HA / HD, the game in the League, etc.?
16. The number of players for the port area is technically limited. Would you mind to clear your place in the port area for an experienced regular players?

Substantial basis for a common and successful game is communication. This takes place especially in the TS channel. Therefore, we take players without TS basically not in our fleet.

17. Are you willing to install TeamSpeak to your PC, especially to use it in HA / HD and to have an up-functioning headset?

It is further basis for a successful game to have a constant flow of information. For this purpose we have our forum, which is our Plattform to inform the fleet. Players who do not wish to participate in this flow of information, are generally not accepted.

18. Are you ready to register right here in the forum and look several times a week to inform you about upcoming HA / HD and other events?

19. Have you read our rules and you accept this? (KLICK HERE)

20. What does all Fleetmember love?

==== End of Application Form ====

If you have set your application, you will receive after a week an answer here in the Forum. Please Note that we reject players who apply at the same time to other fleets. In the meantime, we invite you on our TS server.

For your application you please create a new thread here with your account name.

We look forward to receiving your application.

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