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Our Rules

Fleet rules:

The following rules are mandatory for all members of the German Fleet Association (DFB). Violating the rules means quite fast to stand again without fleet. The rules are kept simple so that they each can remember easily. Other rules can be added anytime.

1. Hacking, exploiting bugs or other additional software, such as Cloud Buster is not welcome.

2. Racist, sexist, xenophobic, abusive, obscene, discriminatory or other offensive or criminal statements and / or actions are to be omitted. In every form and against each Person.

3. The members of the DFB respect the copyright and use the data server of TS-channel or the Website only for files that have to do with NF. Any other data exchange is particular to refrain from, if you are not the owner of the rights to this material.

4. No negative comments against other fleets / persons in the public chat (such as: no light, typical YYY). We have no interest in any problems with other players or fleets. Likewise, no personal messages to other players to offend or defame etc them. In the TS and the fleetchannel can you babble as much as you want. When complaints NF or the other, we have to take drastic measures.

5. Please respect the statements of the Fleet Council Members and listening to them when they have something to tell.

6. If you are absent for a long time and not be able to play, please tell us.

7. Forum, TS and fleet chat are for everyone and should be used often. The following content, we do not want to see you there: religion and politics. We respect every cultural and political opinion. If you want to talk about it, do it via PM or use one of the many side rooms in the TS.

8. All fleet members must be registered in the forum. This is where all current information concerning the fleet comes together. We expect everyone that he keeps itself up in the forum. It is not the job of the fleet management to inform you about everything in TS or on the fleetchannel. Not to be registered in the forum is the same as not to log into the game.

9. All fleet members must have TS istalled and a working headset. If you do not have, there is no way to become a member of our fleet. Please use our TeamSpeak server. Please use the offer and get to know your fleetmates. This is basic in a collective game.

10. All fleetmembers love it, when tequilas boyfried do the Housework, while she stands on the rudder of her battleship.

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