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BeitragVerfasst: 3. Feb 2017 18:24 
1. What is your (real name) & more accurate in-game Name and how old are you?
**John Mench, 25y/o

2. Where do you live, what timezoe is it?
**Philippines/What I know is we have the same time in beijing or hongkong or something

3. When did you start playing NF?
**early months of 2009, like february.

4. What is your highest BO and what nation?
120(121, 122 or what so evs), frenchy, us, ussr, germany

5. What do you prefer to play (Battleship, Aircraft Carrier, Sub)?
Battleship >> Aircraft Carrier >> Sub

6. Do you share your account information with anyone else?
Nope, not unless its emergency

7. How often do you Play?
from the old days (2009-early 2013s) like 5 to 10 times a week, 2 to 5 hours.from now adays (mid 2013 until now) 1 to 3 times a week, from 30 minutes to 2 hour range.

8. Do you see yourself taking any breaks from the game in the future?
i dont know.

9. How Long do you intent to Play NF and what is your Goal in the game (for example, reach a specific Ship),
i dont know if this is the exact translation, but if thats the case, as long as NF is still alive ill logon to my "now a days" answer on [q.7], i already had some bb6s but the real thing is the UK bb6 which is the actual plan back 8 years ago that until now I dont have even one.

10. Have you ever been in a Fleet (list them all). If so - why you are quitting there?
**Alter Egos - Feb. 2009 - June(or July) 2009 - res.-due to changes on its leadership onto 7th fleet
***7th Fleet - July 2009 - early 2010s - res.-due to multiple account without saying it, although Ive *****already stated that I owned that secondary account that the accused me about that i havent told him ******even though I did
******Black Sun ( MEGA FLOTA ) march 2010 - january 2017 the actual fleet in game went bye bye.

11. Do you know someone in the fleet?
So far not yet, but ive been in dealings with -felix3power3

12. Why do you want to joi the german fleet federation?
NF is deserted but now its alive as the mods, tnfs and GMs are taking chances on changing its governance over the game and I see the german fleet is on the move taking harbours not to mention they won it from R.A.

One of our main activities are Harbourassaults and -defenses.

13. What harbors work best for you, which not?
**It depends and ill be using KM H44s J39s Stresman and Kaisers as long as its laggy or the rushing ****frenchy BB4s to 6s.
***Carriers? I only got UK IJN SN and KM so far CV4s-5s

14. What HA / HD you could not participate in general?
**It depends on the timeline

15. Have you already had experiences with HA / HD, the game in the League, etc.?
**HA/HD Yes... leauges? not much

16. The number of players for the port area is technically limited. Would you mind to clear your place in the port area for an experienced regular players?
**I dont know the actual translation on this, but if theres an important player which has more experience than me and theres no limited place ill give the place to him.

Substantial basis for a common and successful game is communication. This takes place especially in the TS channel. Therefore, we take players without TS basically not in our fleet.

17. Are you willing to install TeamSpeak to your PC, especially to use it in HA / HD and to have an up-functioning headset?
**I already had and functioning mic that sounds like you are in the bathroom or in the ballroom something that something has stuck on someone else's ass

It is further basis for a successful game to have a constant flow of information. For this purpose we have on the one hand, the Forum, on the other hand the fleet manager. Players who do not wish to participate in this flow of information, are generally not accepted.

18. Are you ready to register right here in the forum and look several times a week to inform you about upcoming HA / HD and other events?
**yah sure

19. Are you willing to register in the fleet manager and provide your shipping information (type and number of vessels) ?
**alot BBs on UK and KM and UK and US and Commies

20. Have you read our rules and you accept this? (KLICK HERE)
**not all but ill re-read .

21. What does all Fleetmembers love?

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BeitragVerfasst: 8. Feb 2017 12:07 

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Hey John,
Thank you for your application.
Please answer the Question 21 correctly. To find the answer is very easy, if you had a look on our rules.

best regards

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